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la qualità che fa la differenza
The cocoa week

The Gelateria di Piazza proposes various theme weeks during the year, each dedicated to a specific culinary genre.
The first of these initiatives, dedicated to the world of cocoa, has earned widespread public success over the past few years in Italy and abroad.
This ingredient is receiving an irrepressible, highly popular success in the world and this is why Sergio wants to give his customers the possibility to discover the distinctiveness and variety of this noble ingredient, also through ice cream.
In fact, he proposes the best Cocoa Varieties transformed into ice cream, including the award-winning Amedei that has won the Oscar for being the best chocolate in the world since 2005 until now.
Some flavours offered by the Gelateria follow:


7 pepper chocolateTahiti white chocolateVanilla white chocolateAmaretto chocolateAmedei chocolateChocolate and anise Amedei chocolateArabic chocolateAurum chocolateBalsamic vinegar chocolateWhite chocolateOrange saffron white chocolateOrande white chocolateWhite chocolate BaileysWhite chocolate liquoriceWhite chocolate pistachioTahiti white chocolateVanilla white chocolateSaffron white chocolateBombay chocolateCoffee chocolateChocolate and cinnamonChocolate and cognacDark chocolateGrappa dark chocolateChocolate and Passion FruitGorgonzola chocolateGrappa chocolateJamaica chocolateJava chocolateChocolate and raspberriesMadagascar chocolateTangerine chocolateMint chocolateOcumare chocolatePink pepper chocolateSechuan pepper chocolateChilly chocolateChocolate and pearsTea chocolateTea chocolate flavouringsTea almond chocolateTea wildberries chocolateChocolate coconutGinger chocolateNutty HazelnutOrange ChocolateChocolate sour cherry