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We all know what a personal oasis of freshness an ice-cream can be; what moments of joyous intimacy can be enjoyed in its company!

Perhaps not everyone knows that the tradition of homemade ice-cream has noble, long and Italian origins and that its first “ambassadress”, who introduced it to the refined palates of Europe, is no less figure than Catherine de Medici when she moved to the French court around the middle of the 16th century.


The guardians of such a tradition - perpetuated nowadays, too - are, with Sergio Dondoli, the Master Ice-cream Makers (today, in Italy, there are no more than ten)Orange chocolate and their schools, a real training for creativity and homey passion for a delicious food. Naturally, market expansion and technological systems for mass production have also subjected ice-cream to the homologating industrialisation process.

This notwithstanding, homemade ice-cream has held out, and its growing success still testifies to the quality of its ingredients and the choices of those who create it. Produced daily with very fresh, rigorously selected ingredients, raspberry and rosemaryalways genuine as it contains no preservatives. A really original piece of work, extraneous to the levelling of trained palates, to the point that it is not sufficient to describe homemade ice-cream as fresh, wholesome and tasty.

Indeed, it distinguishes itself also owing to its excellent nutritional properties, as it is a low-calorie, easy to digest food with the striking, invigorating tastiness of thousands of flavours... But, to say it all, the eating habits of tasteful people find in the exquisite uniqueness of Sergio Dondoli’s ice-cream - in the high biological value of the vitamins, proteins, fibre and mineral salts contained in homemade ice-cream - mostly a precious complicity with respect to one of the most luscious and permitted sins of gluttony!