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30-giu-2011 3.28.31

Feast your eyes: the world’s best gourmet sights

2. Gelateria di Piazza, San Gimignano, Italy
It’s not only the incredible beauty of the walled Tuscan town of San Gimignano that will cause your heart to soar. Stop by the Gelateria di Piazza and your taste buds will applaud…

As the pictures on the wall attest, many celebs have wrapped their lips around one of the gelateria’s rich ice creams (‘all the family thought the ice cream was delicious’ attested one Tony Blair). Master Sergio uses only the choicest ingredients: pistachios from Sicily and cocoa from Venezuela. There are plenty of the traditional flavours, but you’ll be tempted by unusual combinations such as rosemary-scented raspberry, or pink grapefruit and sparkling wine.


Give your appetite another thrill at the town’s Museo del Vino (Wine Museum), where you can taste some of the choice local white wines.

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