Celebrities who visited Gelateria Dondoli

Everyone knows that San Gimignano is the town of encounters: because it is located in the heart of a region, Tuscany, which is in turn in the heart of Italy, a country in everyone’s heart. Sergio Dondoli has participated in important encounters in the right way: that is to say taking care of transforming them from extemporaneous events into true relationships, mediated by the best trait he has to offer - his creativity, the original production of his craft.

Cones and cups have therefore been the delicious witnesses of an acquaintance that has just been made, of the beginning of friendship,,,: events that have captured the curiosity of many people and have caused a great deal of comment on the Italian and foreign press. Perhaps there is a touch of the presumptuousness found in fables: nevertheless, it feels good to imagine that Aleksandr Solzenicyn, the famous and persecuted Russian writer, found in Sergio, and in the pleasure offered by his gelato, some comfort from his tribulations and his shaky health...

After all, even Tony Blair and his entourage, having escaped - in Cusona (San Gimignano host of the Strozzi Princes) - the demanding world of politics, have appreciated and continue to appreciate Sergio Dondoli’s homemade gelato, affirming this with a generous and pleasant exchange of correspondence. Not to speak of the real fellowship that binds Sergio, Franco Zeffirelli, the troupe and the cast present on the San Gimignano set of the film “Un tè con Mussolini” (Tea with Mussolini): what sealed the deal was the old gelato cart that appeared on the scene, with its contents providentially “updated” and ... distributed!

Finally, what can one say about the satisfied desire of such a renowned and admired show-girl as Simona Ventura when she requested the presence of Sergio Dondoli’s gelato specialities at her wedding banquet?