Cream gelato

Typical local products and passion for his own job

The quality of the ingredients and adequate technical skill are the fundamental bases for the success of an ice cream.
Two further inseparable elements are added to this:
1. The passion for one’s trade (first and foremost) with which it is possible to overcome the sacrifice this craft involves, from the viewpoint of seeking ongoing improvement with the ambitious project of ever excelling oneself.
2. Direct selection at the source of the characterising ingredients to enhance the typicality of the area and, by reflection, of the ice cream parlour.
To do this, Sergio starts from the base ingredients, which are simple but make the difference (fresh cream, daily fresh milk) up to seeking the more distinctive items like Sorrento hazelnuts, Langhe walnuts (Nocciola Tonda Gentile delle Langhe), Avola almonds, Bronte pistachios and Pisa pine nuts.
Some of the flavours that have made the parlour famous worldwide are the result of this love for his craft.

Tradition and innovetion